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 Mazon is a bartender in Harrisburg, Pa with an innate passion and ability for music and marketing. In 2017, he founded MAZON MUSIC LLC. and serves as the sole proprietor and CEO. Since discovering his passion in 2001, Mazon has spent the last eighteen years honing his talent and studying his craft, in order to develop the necessary skills to write, record, engineer and mix his own music.

Mazon has mastered social media marketing & advertising from over five years of experience, experimentation and research. Since 2014, Mazon has been running detailed, targeted advertisements in order to increase awareness for his personal brand. Spending his own money on advertising over the years has taught him what methods work and what’s ineffective. His hunger for knowledge has provided him with a unique skill set that he plans to use to help bars, restaurants and lounges realize the true value of social media and how it can increase their revenue.